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John is an accomplished business consultant with over 40 years of practical and varied experience in helping small and large clients maximize their success. John earned his Masters degree from the University of Denver in 1974 and subsequently earned the CPA and CFP designations.

John Haeck


About John

Though John’s experience includes most facets of business management, his primary focus has involved business finance, accounting and taxation. John has also spent several years consulting in information systems development and running an IT department prior to small-firm public accounting. He has enjoyed working with businesses and organizations in strategic planning and meeting facilitation, and has enhanced his practice through the incorporation of these disciplines into his traditional area of CPA practice.

In addition to bringing a unique talent toward facilitating ideas and planning scenarios, John also brings a depth of experience in financial matters. Therefore, in addition to providing board governance training and assistance, John is able to provide special insight into financial matters, both strategic in nature and compliance related.

John has served on multiple Boards of Directors and has remained active in his church and community.

Professional Experience

  • Practicing as a consultant, tax practitioner and auditor in his own CPA firm since 1993
  • 10 years consulting with Arthur Andersen & Co. and Price Waterhouse
  • 2 years managing a 25 person IT department of a large company
  • 4 years serving as CFO for a professional credentialing organization
  • 2 years participating as a partner in a 10-person CPA firm