Mission and Objectives

Independent and Objective Advisory
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Mission: JR Haeck PC seeks to provide independent and objective compliance and advisory services to individuals, not-for-profit organizations and small businesses in order to help each client realize its potential for financial and strategic business success.

Client Service Objectives and Values

JR Haeck PC seeks to accomplish its own objectives of adequate profitability and personal satisfaction through the attainment of superior client service objectives that include;

  • Client Relationships – Establishing and maintaining appropriate client relationships based upon mutual requirements of honest dealings, open communications and fairness in all matters of engagement terms, conditions and performance,
  • Integrity – Insisting that all matters are approached and completed with high standards of integrity from the standpoints of both the firm and each client,
  • Professional Respect – Demonstrating professional respect for all individuals and businesses that utilize the firm’s services, and requiring the same in return,
  • Professional Competence – Rendering services with consistently high levels of professional competence, while openly acknowledging matters that require expertise beyond professional competencies of the firm.